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Become a Ski Or Snowboard Instructor - How, Where and WhenBecome a Ski Or Snowboard Instructor - How, Where and When

Become a ski/snowboard instructor - how, where and when

Skiing and Snowboarding are becoming increasingly popular despite the current economical state. Many people ( including me ) have spent a lot of time saving up to ensure they get their annual ski holiday.

Since i left school i have had many jobs in the outdoor industry and in 2008 i decided to go the extra mile and train to become a ski instructor. There were many instructor training companies, most of them were located in Canada, New Zealand and Europe ( Alps).
I was shocked by the price of all the courses, the average price being around 7000 for 10 to 12 weeks and in some cases this didn't even include the exam costs.

After extensive research I chose a company in Banff, Canada. I had a great time and passed my exams but to this day i wonder if it was worth the money.

Since then i have been working as a ski instructor in Poland. YES! thats right Poland. Unfortunately for me when i was researching instructor training courses i didn't come across Sunshine World.

Sunshine World's instructor training Academy is in Zakopane, Poland and officially offers the cheapest instructor training courses in the world.

The average price of an 11 week course is just 3250, (including exams taken in Andorra), that is less than half the price of most instructor companies and indeed a considerable amount less than i paid for my course in Canada.

How can Sunshine World be so Cheap?

When i started working for Sunshine World, having spent so much money in Canada, i was thinking exactly the same thing.

Firstly of course, Poland is Cheap, currently 1 = 5zl (2010) and for example a loaf of bread will cost just 40p and a beer in a pub/club/on the slopes just 1.20.

The price of lift passes are around 10-20 per day rather than 40-60 in other countries.

Secondly Sunshine World owns a luxury chalet in Zakopane where both the Pro team and the Academy are accommodated, this means the Company does not need to include high hotel prices into the course price.
Thirdly the Training Academy is only part of the Company, Sunshine World is also a tour operator specialising in ski and snowboard holidays in Zakopane, which offer some of the cheapest ski and snowboard holidays. Finally, Sunshine World is owned and run entirely by fully qualified winter sport instructors, this enables us to efficiently include training and instruction of our guests into the Academy courses.
As with all companies in Canada and many other countries, our instructors prefer to teach the Canadian method of instruction.CSIA ( Canadian ski instructor association) CASI ( Canadian association of snowboard instructors) are recognised qualifications in over 40 countries around the world. At the end of the season courses can include a road trip to Andorra where exams are taken.
To summarise, due to the nature of the company all holidays and instructor courses can be adapted depending on your experience and desires. I am not trying to tempt you away from the Rockies or the Alps, i had an amazing time in Canada, i am just trying to make you aware that there is a cheaper option in the Tatra Mountains, that offers very professional and flexible training. Had i known about Sunshine World 2 years ago, with my limited funds,  i would have definitely opted to do my training with them.
Please feel free to contact me Greg Calcutt or the Managing Director Alan Garcia for more infornation or to answer any questions you may have.